Close-up of knitted candySweets tucked into a gift box from a dear friend who was visiting Latvia, these little knitted Laima chocolates (laima – fate/good fortune) are keeping snug and warm in their colorful, stockinette wrappers. Faux knitting on foil wrappers is neat, but actual knitted wrappers for chocolates? Hmmmm…The ultimate in gift-giving!

And, here are two colorful Dainas to go with these colorful sweets. Both are about what kind of things the young girls are making for their dowries, and about what that has to do with the kinds of boys the girls are interested in.

Adi cimdus, tautu meita,
Neaud baltu villainīšu;
Jau tu pati gana zini,
Daudz ir mana bāleliņu.
1754, 641

Knit mittens, folk girl,
Don’t weave a white woolen shawl;
As you yourself already know,
Many are those courting me.

Es cimdiņa neadīju
Bez dzeltena, bez sarkana
Lai aug manis arājiņis
Dzelteniem matiņiem,
Dzelteniem matiņiem,
Sarkaniem vaidziņiem.
94, 3437

I don’t knit a mitten
without golden, without red
So that my ploughman grows
Golden hair,
Golden hair,
Red cheeks.